Take that pedal off the metal. By following the speed limit, you can enjoy better gas mileage. According to Greenercars.org, by driving 65 instead of 75 (where the speed limit allows), you’ll increase fuel economy by about 10 percent, which means fewer refills. Plus, driving the limit will also reduce tailpipe emission in a lot of vehicles, greenercars.org says. As an added bonus, you’ll also avoid tickets.


Don’t keep too much junk in the trunk. Eliminating weight can really make a difference, as Greenercars.org says every extra 100 pounds reduces fuel economy by about one percent. So clean out that trunk and only bring the things you really need, like the kids and noise-cancelling earphones.


Cut down on time-sucking pit stops. Pack lots of snacks and a meal for longer trips. You’ll save time and gas by not having to pull off to look for food. Refillable water bottles, reusable containers and cloth napkins will also cut down on waste. If your kids miss the fast food toys, it’ll be a great chance to regale them with stories about how hard your childhood was, and how you never had toys in your meals.


Sport some shades. To keep the car cool and reduce evaporation of fuel, always park in a shady spot. A windshield shade also cools the car down, and it doubles as a handy screen when people need to change their clothes after spills and other backseat catastrophes.

With these easy adjustments, you can save money, time — and help the planet — while you’re wandering the world on wheels. Contact me for more information in this article.